Research Overview

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The Institute of Public Policy (IPP) serves as an interdisciplinary think tank that aims to combine social, economic and environmental analysis with political science by committing to research areas including but not limited to:


  • Green Finance
  • Climate Risks & Environmental Governance
  • Regional Innovation Systems
  • Big Data and Public Policy


We have a solid track record in developing studies in China, particularly in Greater Bay Area. We will pay particular attention to the impact of scientific developments and technological innovations on policy development, as well as opportunities to advance policy discourse through evidence-based approaches to policy-making.

Research Clusters

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Climate sustainability, energy security, urban resilience, water security

Smart city, research policy, regulatory policy for technological innovations, higher education policy in innovation, knowledge transfer, privacy and security

Population ageing, elderly care, health policy, labor, social stratification, inequalities
Infrastructure development, land, human resources development, regional integration, local government and development, public private partnership

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